Evaluation of fmp module & Just one more, love

It is now time to evaluate this whole journey I have been involved in and I’m so lucky to have been involved in the project that I have been, Sarah and I worked so well together and I think we have really working as one on this project. For me when I thought of this project I was scared but actually when you take a piece at a time it isn’t that scary. We have a lovely short film, a box for our production folders, a website and a busting blog to show for it.

It has been an interesting journey and I have learnt a lot about projects like this (how bloody expensive they can be) how much work you need to put in and what you really want to do when you finish. When I first started to think about the idea’s I always decided I wanted this project to benefit me, I wanted this project to help me move out of the university, do the transition from moving from one place I know to finding a place I was unbelievably scared of being but needed to move to there to start to look at getting a job which is why I decided I wanted this to benefit me as much as I can, which is why I chose that for my fmp I wanted to work on someone else’s project and be a producer for this.

I want to benefit and I think this has defiantly helped me a lot realise what goes into the job and role of a producer and I’m so glad I made the decision to go with this role for my final media project of my degree because it has taught me a lot of what is needed for my role and I have learnt a lot from what is needed from me to get to where I need and want to be in regards to finding my role I know what journey it has to be and what is expected from me know which I can thank this module, I wanted this project to be the most beneficially and I think it has just done that.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this project and this module and this over all year I have bettered my skills a lot when it comes to equipment, the way things show be seen, editing, website making, professionalism, how to communicate with people, business and organisations. I have learnt the knowledge the experience all which will benefit me completely.

I have learnt so much from this year the experiences from being a co head to organise a showing for our degree exhibition, to be a producer and one part of the production company Pepper&mint Productions, to helping with the casting and extra co-ordinator for Rudy, to help be involved with some student projects and to help the first year for my advantage learn all about the TV studio and what it is all about when it comes to the format assessment.

Each part has taught me something knew and I have loved it. I have really learnt a lot and I have gained so much experience, this year has been everything I thought it would be and I can’t believe we are finally at the end. This is super scary!! but I have loved it all.

I have gained so much and from this module, this project, the last year and the whole degree… it has all been amazing and I have learnt so much and I have gained a lot of knowledge and experience and I feel ready to move on and find myself in the real world and get a career in the media industry.

Reflection of the fmp module and Just one more, love

For me this module has been a very important one and I have loved every single minute of it. It has been such a big project that, that is all I have thought about for the last 8 months and I’m so glad I have because I know have an amazing film to show from it, some very big and detailed production folder and a busting blog to show my journey throughout this module.

For me this has been a real learning curve for me this whole project has made me feel some real different emotions and has been pushed to the limit at times which is not been helpful but that has also made me push on, you forget just how big this project is going to be how much it is going to take over your lives and I think it kind of has to otherwise you aren’t putting everything in it for it to succeed.

I am so happy with how the film has come out and I think it really shows the hard work that was put in to it, the organisation and the passion that was created with in this project and I think this is really represented well in the film alone. I am really happy with the journey this has taken me on and the situation I am now on. I have learnt a lot about myself when it comes to this project, that you always, always needs to be organised and on top of things. You will always need to have a good partner and to have lists after lists of things to complete, a timeline and a schedule is defiantly a must. These are all things that have helped me progress and have made this project what It is today because of these things.

I think if I could look back we should have been on casting more, you need to really stay on top of that and emailing Twining’s to get there branding involved in our project because it is taking much longer than we thought and you are always having to chase people because you want something from them. I think this has taught me what you need to set as priories what you need to choose are important over certain other things. Always, always make sure you pay the people that are involved in some sort of way, if it means free lunch, a present in the post paid cash. You need to do something that shows you are thankfully and keep the line of professionalism.

This for me as been an amazing project to work on and I loved most of every minute of it and I think Sarah and I have made a really good project and this whole module has been a delight to work on.

Music, Editing and Distrubution for Just one more, love

MUSIC – In regards to the music Sarah and I looked into some research of short films such as Milkshake they used music quo’s to introduce a new chapter in the film, we thought this would be a good idea to introduce all the different cast. We also made an 8track which allowed you to make a playlist for people to listen to and comment, very much like an Instagram for music tracks. It kind of gave a theme and idea to what we wanted the music of the film to be like and I think it is important to show the kind of sound/idea we wanted. This helped us with the research so we looked into what we wanted the sound to be like and we finally found something that is perfect for our film to get the theme across with the music. I have learnt that music is really important in a film, it allows the story to be set, the theme to be introduced, characters welcomed all that benefit this project. Music does all of this so allowing music to do that and finding the right one just gives something extra to the film, ‘Just one more, love’.

EDITING –  Sarah and I decided that we wanted someone else to do most of our editing, we would be there to oversee it and always say yes or no as it’s our project but it means that it frees us up for other things we need to complete for this short film.  Sarah had worked with James Dove editing a short film that they did in Iceland so she knew that he was great at it and even though it wasn’t the funniest of things to do he was dedicated to get the edit that we wanted done. James also agreed to help with our trailer and our poster as well. We all knew that the editing part of this project was going to be a long one, editing is not a quick process. So it meant that Sarah and I were around to watch the edit, we organized a time line of what we wanted each act to be done by for James so that he knew how long we wanted things done by. We gave him a script so he knew how the sequence went, Sarah sat with him to get an ensemble together and then he just got on with it himself. He was really dedicated and he has got the job done perfectly!! I have learnt that an edit is a tough thing to do, wanting it to get it done right and it’s been a great to see the final thing and it looks so good.

DISTRUBUTION Victoria Smith –

DISTRUBUTION – Distribution is very important for a project to be a success. So with the EPK we then had to have a thought about the business cards, as our name is ‘Pepper&mint’ and then a lot of tea drinking in the short film we thought of using our tea bag sachets with our printed logo and film details on the sachets and then you open it to find the tea bag with a tie card the same as the package (very much like the Twining’s peppermint tea). I think this would be a really good idea, it is a new creative way and ties in well with the film and production company. We have also got our posters, trailer, EPK and our press release that is all important for the distribution of this short film. I have learnt just how important distribution is for a project like this, so the degree shows will defiantly help and so will the information from the ‘Leamington Courier’ which gave a snippet of information about filming in Leamington and there is a short film competition that is being held in Leamington as well. Also Sarah has a subscription to ‘Oh Comely’ magazine which holds short film nights as well. There is a lot of opportunity’s that our film ‘Just one more, love’ can be seen by a lot of people. I’ve learnt that the more you distribution the more it can be successful, there is no point making a short film if there is no distribution organized.

Here is the link to oh comely magazine – http://www.ohcomely.co.uk/

Our business card –

Here is the concept for our business cards where we want the theme to stay put and intertwine with our production company and the idea of peppermint and tea all combined together.

Teacard get-attachment

Location and EPK for Just one more, love

LOCATION – The location for the short ‘Just one more, love’ was so important, the location for this short was like another character. There was only one location in this film a café and Leamington Spa found the exact right one called Ame Soeur. As we only had one location to find it was really important we spent a lot time thinking and talking about what we wanted that to be, it was going to be a café which we just needed to find the right one and that we did. It has the right colors, lay-out, feel, character that we wanted. I’ve really learnt how important it is to have the right location, the right feeling and this will defiantly portray when it comes to the edit. I remember watching it and seeing how the location gave so much more on film, it just fit in perfectly with everything. I know now that a location can make or break a film and I think this defiantly made it. We always wanted our location to have character and it had just that.

EPK – Sarah and I have to make an EPK (Electronic Press Kit) for our project and a PK (Press Kit), we decided that we would do it on I-book. It fits perfectly into being an EPK and then you can print it off as a PDF or into a book for our PK. Sarah and I sat down to discuss the different pages we wanted in our I-book and how it was going to be laid out. We used the font ‘Sombody to love’ which we would use for our titles. Than just a standard font for our information at the bottom. We used stills from our edit to go into our EPK, we then introduced our cast and our crew and then had information about our location, our treatment and some information about Sarah and our roles. I think the I-book is a very professional way to show our EPK and I think it looks really good. I’ve learnt just how important it is to have a project that looks professional, it says a lot about the project and how determined we are for this project to be a success and I think the EPK says just that. I’m really happy with the final piece and I think it does this film justice. An EPK is important when you are wanting the public/media professionals to see your work, I’m glad that we have made one that gives our film the right look and I think it looks great.

http://www.pepperandmintproductions.com/ – go to the EPK section and you can see the EPK to the website.

Cast, Reciepts and shotting schedule for Just one more, love

CAST – In ‘Just one more, love’ we had a cast of eight people Perry (Alan Breck), Heather (Jules Woodman), Pam (Nicole Faraday), June (Shirley Hafey), James (Stuart Corbett), Youth 1 (Ben Norris), Youth 2 (Amy Benton). I don’t think Sarah and I could have found a better cast, they all fit into their roles perfectly and this came across on the camera just that way as well. It is so important to have a good cast, they need to be professional, reliable and authentic. I have learnt that you need to stick with your gut when it comes to choosing your cast because that will defiantly pay off and it has with this project. As we only had eight characters they were all very important and they all interacted together well, their relationships formed well and it showed on camera. I’ve learnt that cast is important to a film because it shows the relationships and the story portrayed by the actors well and I think this is what happened in our film and I’m so happy for it. The hard work defiantly paid off!!

RECIPETS – After the shoot Sarah and I discussed that we wanted to say thank-you to the main people that allowed this project to go ahead. We always wanted to buy something to say thank you to Mr/Mrs McSweeney that owned the location we filmed in Ame Soeur and to Fat Birds Café who catered for all the crew and cast on the day of the shoot. These were the two big thanks that we needed to make, so we bought them chocolate and went for lunch in the café. It was enough for us to say thanks, their café was perfect in our film. We also got a snippet in the Leamington Courier so we paid for that to be bought and to be delivered to us so we had a copy for our own use, press release and production folder. I have learnt that it is important to show proof for everything for all reasons and to say thank you for people that helped this project become what it has.

SHOOTING SCHEDULE – As we only had one day to film, our shooting schedule needed to be so tight and organized. Sarah and I sat down and made sure we knew what we wanted, we went through the script cut all the acts, all in all there were six. With our acts we made sure what cast would be there and what we would need from our crew. We made sure we got all of the sheets that everyone would need, all our crew had a script so they can read, familiarize their selves so they are all ready for the shoot. We needed everything to be all ready for our shoot just because we only had one day to shoot so we only had one chance. We made sure we had all the sheets that we needed, made sure we defiantly had a shooting schedule that would allow us to have a couple of breaks in the day and get all the footage we wanted. We made a shot list for the shoot, as we had two camera ops we could get the same shot in two different angles. So we had a lot of options when it came to the edit. The shooting schedule is so important, it makes sure that you are super prepared and allows the shoot of your project go successfully well, I’ve learnt to be so prepared will defiantly benefit the shooting of the project.

Timeline and crits for Just one more, love

TIMELINE – At the start of this project Sarah and I sat down and wrote a timeline of each part of this project and when we wanted it done. Nothing was left unscheduled and by being so organized it allowed us to be calm all the way through making this project. It meant we knew what we were doing and what was next to do in the pre/Pro production side of things. It allowed us to be organized and we kept a calmness all the way through this project, there was never any panic except from the day before filming but that was just nerves. I’m so glad we did it like this because it meant that we always knew what we had to do and always thinking straight when coming to the completion of each factor. It meant that our job was much easier because we knew what to do and where we were in every stage of this production; time was always on our side.

CRITS – For each stage of this project we had an interim crit where we needed to show our progress of the project and get feedback to help us move on to the next stage. Each crit helped Sarah and I a lot, it was so helpful getting honest feedback from our peers and the lectures, it meant we knew where to go next and what stage we were and what had to be done to move onto the production for instance. Each crit linked with where we were in the producing of the project, which helped a lot. It was really beneficial when we got to pitch our projects to Saskia Sutton because she made us think of different things that we hadn’t even considered with the look for our project and practical ideas about filming like permits and getting a press release to the local newspaper in Leamington where we were filming. The whole interim crit process just really helped us and it defiantly was beneficial to us with each stage of the production.



Budget & Health & Safety in Just one more, love


Sarah and I were always very conscious of what our budget was for this project from the outset. So we wanted to make sure that we didn’t go over and we had a lot of different aspects of the project to consider.  We wanted to make sure that we are seen to be professional as well so we decided that paying our actors would be the best option as well securing that they will actually turn up. Travel, food, props, location which were all brought into the budget as these were important factors as well for this project to be viable. This project made me really learn where a budget comes into when you make a project, what is important to involve when making a project like this, what you need to budget, why budgeting is so important and how this is so important for the project. That’s the biggest lesson I have learnt whilst doing this that the budget is such a big part of a project and it can alter a project completely.


Health and Safety is very important when you film as we only had one location it was much easier to handle. Before the day of our shoot we just made sure that we met up with the owner of our location Jason McSweeney and he signed the contract and we did a health/safety form with him checking over everything and giving all the information we needed, we made sure we had everyone’s medical information, emergency contact details and the emergency numbers local to our location in Leamington Spa. Sarah and I made sure we checked with all of our cast and crew we knew of any allergies and medical information. Making us prepared and aware of everything for our shoot, as our cast was mostly older people we needed to make sure we put breaks in and kept everyone hydrated. I think this really taught how important health and safety is and that things can go wrong in shoots, luckily for us we were okay. It has taught me to be very prepared and check all information with owners, cast and crew to make sure that your very well prepared for anything.